Love How You Can Pee on Anything

„[A]s bizarre as this may sound, […] ontologically, the world cares for us,“ Leo Bersani writes in one of the essays collected in his book Is the Rectum a Grave? It follows from this that we might as well learn to organize collectively by allowing the information our incontinent bodies are disseminating to tell us what ‘together’ means. This, at least, is my version of Bersani’s queer materialism: an approach to collectivity that sees people together where they find ways of letting their impatiences, their multiple inabilities to hold it in any longer, synchronize, however distantly – and make the pleasure of giving in to these urges, overflow pleasure, have a more thorough influence on living together. I am asking for alternatives to our socially established forms of organizing collectively that are so resolutely based on coordinated, managed deferment, where organizational competence means being able to wait for, with, sometimes against others: How about a together that happens, that has just started to happen…there, because some of us could not hold it back anymore?

Paper presented at PSi #23 “Overflow”, Hamburg, 2017-6-10

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